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How can I contact a SpamCop representative?

How to contact us depends on the reason for the contact. Below are some possibilities:

SpamCop forum
The SpamCop forum is where the extensive SpamCop user community discusses all things SpamCop. This is where you are likely to encounter the most lively and unfettered debate.
Blocking list dispute resolution
This FAQ provides a form to dispute a listing in SpamCop's blocking list.
ISP relations contact
This FAQ provides feedback options for Internet provider personel
Suppress SpamCop reports
This FAQ isn't strictly a contact method - it provides an automated system allowing you to immediately supress SpamCop reports being delivered to your email address.
Contacting SpamCop report senders
This FAQ describes how to contact SpamCop users responsible for filing reports you have received.
Blocking list download
This FAQ provides contact forms for requesting full mirror access to SpamCop's blocking list.
Billing questions
This FAQ includes a contact form for billing issues related to SpamCop's reporting service (not email account holders).
Other reasons for contact
To contact us for any other reason, please begin by giving us a short description of the reason for the contact (message subject):

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