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Introduction to SpamCop for recipients of spam reports

Has your email been blocked? Please see: SpamCop blocking list

Internet Providers

If you have received a SpamCop report, please follow the link(s) from the report itself. These will lead you to detailed information about SpamCop and your specific report. You can access advanced ISP options from the report link.

FAQ for ISP Abuse Desk and Administrators

Quick Tips for Mailing List Administrators


Done right, bulk email can be a powerful advertising medium. Done wrong, it can hurt your reputation and put you in breach of contracts with your service providers. If you advertise through bulk email, please be very careful about who you use. As an advertiser, you share in the responsibility for how email is sent. If you support a spammer with your advertising revenue, you share the blame for the spam. It is your responsibility to verify the management of the lists you support.

On the other hand, even the most well-run list may generate some false spam complaints. You should talk to your internet service providers before you begin any bulk mail campaign.