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Two methods are available to WebTV users for reporting spam with SpamCop. We are told SpamCop's email submission system, where you forward the spam to your personal SpamCop report address works. Be sure to turn off your html email sig first.

If you prefer to use the website submission form, it is necessary to "bounce" the spam to yourself first to obtain the full headers.

  1. While viewing the spam, hit "Forward" on the sidebar. Address the document to yourself.
  2. Completely erase the subject line.
  3. Put your cursor on the first line of the "body" (text area); Hit "Return" (enter) twice. Your cursor should now be on the 3rd line of the text area.
  4. Type any "Alt" character on this line; DO NOT HIT "RETURN"
  5. Cut and Paste the "Alt" character onto the subject line: (CMD+"A"), (CMD+"X"), (CMD +"V") The "Alt" character should "jump" down to the message text-area.
  6. Hit "Send"; open the received mail and Copy-Paste the item into the SpamCop text-area.

Using the WebTV console is completely different than using a computer to track and report spam. Because of this difference, it can sometimes be difficult to get assistance within the SpamCop help groups.

There are a number of WebTV users dedicated to fighting spam that congregate in a newsgroup accessible to WebTV users only. Discussion centers around reporting spam, with a large number of SpamCop users and SpamCop related posts.

This link should take you to the WebTV group:

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