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Pegasus Mail

The best way to get the full email source from Pegasus Mail is to use SpamCop's email submission system.

In Pegasus E-Mail, to forward your spam to SpamCop, simply forward the spam, as outlined here, to your personal SpamCop submission address. Perhaps a third party spam scanner has classified your e-mail for you, sorting it for easy reporting.

One way is to use Pegasus's built-in mail filtering rules, the general set, to move all your spam to a separate folder. Open that folder and right-click and select all messages. Press "Forward" and choose the option "Start a new message with the messages attached" (the third one down). Press "Send". It will ask, "you have entered a message with no subject(and possibly no body) are you sure you want to send it?" Reassure the program you want to send it. Then, under file, select "send all queued mail". Wait a few minutes, then visit the spamcop website to confirm and send your reports.

(Thanks Scott, for the above.)

Using the web submission form:

These instructions provided for the impatient - please try to use the above email system first.

Try just hitting the "backspace" to toggle from full headers to none, if this doesn't work then go through this rigamaroll:

In the New Mail or other folder window:

  1. Right click the message, and select Message Properties.
  2. In the right hand column uncheck the box beside Contains HTML data.
  3. Click OK. That should allow you to see the message as a text message only.
  4. Click Ctrl-H to bring up the full headers.

Another way:

  1. Highlight the HTML spam in the new mail folder
  2. Open a new email message
  3. Drag the HTML spam onto the new message
  4. In the dialog that appears select "Show All Headers"
  5. Highlight the entire message, then copy to clipboard
  6. Paste message into window.

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