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Lotus Notes (v.4.x and v.5.x)

Open the email, click on "Actions", then on "Tools", then on "Delivery Information."

Next, you have to pick out the internet-style mail header information from the window that appears when you select Delivery Information.

Lotus Notes v.4.x
Look for the first line that begins with "Received". There should be a blank line just above it. Then, scroll down to the next blank line. The stuff in between the two blank lines are the headers you need.

Lotus Notes v.5.x
Look for the seperator line that reads
-------- Additional Header ------.
Select everyhing from there down to the next seperator line, usually
-------- Routing Information ------.
The stuff in between the two seperator lines are the headers you need.

Lotus Notes v.5.x (easier method)

  1. Open your inbox
  2. Highlight the message that you wish to get header information for.
  3. Choose File -> Export...
  4. Type in a filename, leave the type as "Structured Text" and click Export
  5. From the Dialog Box that comes up, choose "Selected Documents" and click OK
  6. Now you can open that message you saved in Wordpad and Cut&Paste it into the SpamCop website parsing box.

Alternate method for those that don't have Delivery Information
Right-click on the email and select Document Properties. On the Fields tab, copy all the text from the value of the $AdditionalHeaders field. an example of the data provided for the $AdditionalHeaders field:

Field Name: $AdditionalHeaders
Data Type: TextList
Data Length: 1228 bytes
Seq Nun: 1
Dup Item ID: 0
Field Flags:
"Received: from ([]) by ...
13:44:09 -0400

Note that you want to copy everything AFTER the double quote and note there is no matching double quote - the area marked in bold.

If these methods both fail
Then you are probably in a Notes deployment that is using a customized client template, contact your Notes template designers for information on obtaining this information under their design.

General Notes Notes

These will not capture the Notes Server routings and hand offs, only the MTA hand offs, and so will not be any good for reporting spam from other Notes users. If you are getting spam from other notes users, contact your own system administrator to resolve the problem.
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