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Yahoo Mail

Since Yahoo! does not provide a raw email source feature, it is easiest to report spam received in your Yahoo! account by using the SpamCop email interface. Simply forward (as attachment) the offending email to your personal spam reporting address.

Cutting and pasting in the SpamCop web parsing form is a time consuming task when using Yahoo! web mail. It is recommended you use the mail forwarding method above.

If you insist on using the web form, follow these steps:

First you must turn on "Full Headers". From your Yahoo! mail account, click on "Mail Preference". Scroll down the page to "Message Headers" and click on the "all" radio button. Save your preferences at the bottom of the page.

Next, view the message you want to report. If the message is in plain text, copying from this page and pasting it in the parsing box will work.

If the message to be reported is HTML, a two stepped process must be used:

  1. View the message and copy the complete headers. Paste these in the SpamCop window, then add a blank line.
  2. Go back to the Yahoo! window and select to "Forward" the message as "inline text" (drop down menu). Scroll down the message to the start of the message body. (The first line of the HTML body will usually begin <HTML). Copy the body of the message and paste into the SpamCop parsing window. Make sure a blank line remains between the header and body.

Click on the "Process Spam" button.

We have received a report that you can still "forward as attachment" the spam to your SpamCop account. This is done by holding down the "Ctrl" key while you click 'Forward'.

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