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Hotmail and Windows Live Hotmail

To see the full, unmangled headers in Hotmail:

  1. First, configure your options:
    On the upper right "Options | Help" links, click on "Options." Click on the "Mail Display Settings" link, find the item "Message Headers." Choose "Advanced" and click the "OK" button.
  2. Then, to report spam:
    When viewing a message, use the "View E-mail Message Source" to display the message in raw mode before copying into SpamCop. (This link is right below the headers.)

To see the full, unmangled headers if you are using Windows Live version of Hotmail:

You can determine the source and path of an e-mail message by viewing the e-mail header information. This information can be used by system administrators to track incoming messages and to help reduce spam. To view the e-mail header information:

  1. In the left pane, click Mail.
  2. In the Folders list, click Inbox.
  3. Right-click the message in the message list, and then click View source.

Unfortunately Microsoft has chosen to not follow the RFC guidelines for email and double-spaces the headers displayed. The blank lines need to be removed between each header line for the SpamCop parser to work.
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