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Mutt has a mime_forward setting that must be enabled so that forwarded messages are sent as MIME-formatted attachments with full headers. This may be added to your ~/.muttrc file or entered after starting Mutt:

set mime_forward=yes

Once this is set, simply forward each message to your SpamCop submit address using the f (forward) command.

Unfortunately, most people get more than one or two spam messages per day, and no one has their SpamCop submit address memorized (or always in their copy-paste buffer), so it's a good idea to create a macro for forwarding spam to SpamCop.

The following macros will submit all of the currently tagged messages to SpamCop via email in a single message. It will work while viewing the list of messages in your mailbox (macro index) or while viewing a single message (macro pager) using the Ctrl-X command:

macro index \cx ":set autoedit=no fast_reply=yes  editor=\"/bin/true\"\n<tag-prefix><forward-message>submit.xxxxxxxxxx\n<send-message>:set autoedit=yes fast_ reply=no editor=\"/usr/bin/editor\"\n" \
        "Forward mail to SpamCop"
macro pager \cx ":set autoedit=no fast_reply=yes  editor=\"/bin/true\"\n<tag-prefix><forward-message>submit.xxxxxxxxx\n<send-message>:set autoedit=yes fast_ reply=no editor=\"/usr/bin/editor\"\n" \
        "Forward mail to SpamCop"

Macro configuration notes:

  1. The macro must be defined on one line, with a backslash continuation character at the end of the line for the description.
  2. Replace with your SpamCop submit address in both macros.
  3. The macros assume that mime_forward is set to yes. If not, it may be set and unset within the macro definitions like fast_reply is set and then unset.
  4. If you set autoedit to no in your .muttrc, it may be removed from the macro definitions.
  5. If you set fast_reply to yes in your .muttrc, it may be removed from the macro definitions.
  6. You must change editor from /usr/bin/editor to the path of your real editor (unless you're also using Debian GNU/Linux).
  7. If you want to change the macros to only forward one message at a time (i.e., the currently highlighted or currently viewed message), then remove <tag-prefix> from the macro definitions.

Thanks to Martijn Pieters for submitting his .muttrc file in a bug report on with these macros originally defined.

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