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Juno Version 4+

On the drop down menu "Options", choose "Email Options.." (press ctrl-E) Under "Show Message Headers", select the "full" option. Click the OK button to save the setting.

Juno version 4+ can display MIME and HTML email, but does not provide a way of Viewing the HTML Source for the message within Juno.

To get the full source, including HTML codes:

  1. In the Juno mail client, click "file" and then "Save Message as Text File.." (ctrl-T).
  2. Give the file a name which you will remember (many people save temporary files to the desktop).
  3. Double-click on the resulting file and then cut-and-paste the contents to the SpamCop web-site.
  4. After the spam is reported you can delete the temporary file or just over-write it the next time you need to report spam.

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